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Henry "Harry" Francis Kelly

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April 19, 1895 - February 8, 1971
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Henry and Mollie Kelly

Marie, Emmett, Melville, Kathryn, Laura, Larry, Walter, Jerry

Anne Veronica O'Brien
Marriage Date:
May 4, 1929
Joanne, Harry Jr., Brian, Larry, Roger, Mary
BA, University of Notre Dame, 1917
Attorney, Prosecutor, Secretary of State (Michigan), Governor (Michigan), Supreme Court Justice (Michigan)
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Harry & Marie
In Ottawa
At Notre Dame, '17

Henry "Harry" Francis Kelly entered World War I with many of his classmates from the University of Notre Dame graduating class of 1917. He returned home a decorated hero who lost part of his left leg on a French battlefield.

Like his father, Harry began a successful legal career that soon found him elected the LaSalle, Illinois state's prosecuting attorney. In 1923, Harry moved with his father's family to Detroit to form the private firm of Kelly, Kelly and Kelly.

But on July 31, 1930 Harry turned back to the public sector when radio announcer Jerry Buckley was shot and killed in the lobby of Detroit's LaSalle hotel. Harry served as assistant prosecutor in the case and distinguished himself in the following two years of grand jury hearings and trials.

He went on to become Michigan's secretary of state, then served as governor for two terms between 1942-1946. Franklin Roosevelt once joked that one of the best tricks the Republican Party ever had was having a candidate named Kelly. During the waning years of World War II, Harry along with New York's governor Dewey were part of the famous Mackinac conference that helped shape the post-war world, most notably the creation of NATO.

Harry chose not to run for a third term, but was coaxed into running against G. Mennen Williams in 1950 and lost a close recount by only 1,154 votes.

Four years later, Harry began a seventeen year career on the bench of the Michigan Supreme Court. He posted an amazing record of voting on 2,686 cases out of 2,700 during that time.

But perhaps Harry's greatest legacy is his family and their cabin on Lake Horicon, near Gaylord, Michigan. Harry's favorite sport was swimming and in spite of the fine facilities at the Governor's Mansion on Mackinac Island, it was the cabin in the woods surrounded by his wife, his children and his grandchildren that gave him the most relaxation and pleasure.